Monday, June 28, 2010

Please join ISAR in commemorating our 19th annual International Homeless Animals' Day and Candlelight Vigils on Aug. 21, 2010

In 1992, ISAR introduced International Homeless Animals’ Day® and Candlelight Vigils as an innovative educational vehicle, with the purpose of informing society about a global tragedy that overwhelms animal shelters each year – pet overpopulation. For all these years, ISAR has on the third Saturday of August commemorated the countless companion animal victims of overpopulation and continued to promote new campaigns, programs and ideas relating to the solution to the pet overpopulation epidemic: spay/neuter.

This year, on August 21st, ISAR marks it's 19th Annual International Homeless Animals' Day and Candlelight Vigils.

ISAR extends a welcoming invitation to all previous vigil coordinators, as well as any new coordinators, to participate in International Homeless Animals' Day 2010.

ISAR's website includes information on how to order your complimentary International Homeless Animals' Day Vigil Packet, an event schedule of confirmed observances for August 2010, ISAR's 9th Annual Virtual Vigil, information on ISAR's International Homeless Animals' Day Billboard Program, and more!

In honor of this Day, you can also view a video tribute to previous International Homeless Animals' Day events in this blog and on ISAR's website To help set the tone for your own candlelight vigil, ISAR invites all coordinators to use our International Homeless Animals’ Day video during their own observances, perhaps by playing it on a laptop computer.

By coming together in spirit with like-minded people throughout the world on International Homeless Animals’ Day you can support ISAR in letting the world know we will not tolerate the senseless killing that continues to take the lives of innocent dogs, cats, puppies and kittens simply because there are not enough good homes for them.

Together, we will continue to be a voice for the animals, and continue to demand an end to the suffering these animals face each day.