Tuesday, October 22, 2013

International Homeless Animals' Day Impact: Florida, Mexico, Panama

As ISAR's friends and supporters know, for the past 22 years ISAR has been organizing and facilitating INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS ANIMALS' DAY. Over the years, uncountable individuals and organizations have participated in spreading the spay/neuter message throughout the United States and, in recent years, to other countries around the world. For example, in 2013 dedicated animal protection groups and concerned individuals in Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Fiji, France, Honduras, Hungary, India, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Switzerland, Tanzania, Thailand, and Venezuela joined forces with ISAR in the United States to shed light on the pet overpopulation epidemic.

Following each year's observances we have sought and received feedback about how successful they were--and we continue to want that information, including photos when possible.

Now we are asking something more: We want to know the impact on your communities that International Homeless Animals' Day may have had. It is well and good for International Homeless Animals' Day to be observed throughout the world, but the impact of those observances needs to be known--both as recognition of the organizers of those events, and as a spur to convince others that positive results for animals can be achieved by observance of International Homeless Animals' Day.

From time to time we've published accounts from ISAR/IHAD supporters reporting on their events. What we haven't done, until now, is publish not only information about their events but reveal the impact of International Homeless Animals Day in their communities.

Here are three impact statements, in the authors' own words:

Florida. 2013
Our walk & vigil was very successful this year. The mayor of Fernandina Beach attended this year! She truly is an animal advocate; while she was reading the proclamation to a packed council meeting she started to break up and then when she attended our vigil and we were reading the prayers and readings you sent us, she said to me afterwards "every time we meet, I am shedding tears"! I really think our vigil had an impact on her.... Thank you for being there for us and being the voice of those who cannot speak! Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA is so proud to be a part of ISAR!! Beth. Founder of Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA

Mexico. 2013
For APA, the International Homeless Animal´s Day was a great opportunity to spread the word about how does the animals have to be protect, was an excellent moment to tell all the pet-owners about how to take care of their pets. With the pets-walking that we organized, we get a bigger target and more people knew about the movement and about International Homeless Animal´s Day. People of our community definitely loved the movement, they ask about another special day to celebrate with their pets. We also create awareness about the importance of the sterilization. I want to tell you that we really succeed with our 3 events, the one in Aguascalientes, the other in Matehuala and the one in Calvillo. We gather 350 people and 400 animals in three cities. Thanks for letting us being part of this important event. Saludos!!! Felipe. Amigos Pro Animal, A.C.

Panama. 2013
Spay/Panama's motto is that TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. What one person can do may seem insignificant but if we all work together we can make a positive social impact on the communities. It is very interesting how ISAR has brought together so many organizations from so many countries together. The spay/neuter event held for the International Homeless Animals' Day in Panama City can have a domino effect and eventually, it may even turn our entire country. We held a vigil, and fixed 175 animals, both cats and dogs. Patricia. Founder of Spay/Panama